Cook in Aussie style

Merak’s Aussie Kitchen was a challenge for the event 6 Republic, which is held two times a year. It was inspired by Australian Rustic cottages, and it includes as well a small rustic Kangarroo figurine, which can be used in any part of your home. The land impact of the whole Kitchen can vary, depending on how you decide to arrange it. The vartious parts come separately, varying from 1 to 6 prims (for the main cooking station). The Rustic wood is baked with realistic materials, and can fit as well in modern environments. You can build the kitchen your way by using the different parts that come in the set.


Permissions • Copy/Mod.
Available at 6º Republic Event in Second Life.
This Kitchen does not contain animations.

Land Impact

Top Cabinet (Vertical) • 1LI.
Top Cabinet (Horizontal) • 1LI.
Double low cabinet • 1LI.
Triple Low cabinet • 1LI.
Glass Cabinet (in two glass versions ) • 2LI.
Kitchen Sink • 2LI.
Drawers Cabinet • 4LI.
Top Shelf • 1LI.
Two side connecting cabinets (left and right) • 1LI.
Cooking Station • 2LI.
Kitchen Island • 3LI.
Kangaroo Figurine (can be purchased seaparetely) • 1LI.