Santorini Secret Escape

6 Republic is an event which occurs twice a year. This is Merak’s second time participating, which is very exciting for us, and honorable to participate in this B-day round for 6 Republic.

For this occasion, we have created a set inspired by the authentic beauty of Santorini in Greece. We created a little one room house, inspired by the small villa’s you can see in all of Greece’s islands.

The little house has also a small porch which is a perfect place to place your grill and enjoy some beautiful moments with your loved ones. The set includes as well a bed, which includes male, female, couples animations and activities with props. The bed is minimalistic and has a summer secret escape feeling, with a bed board in the shape of ancient Greek Symbol. As for final detail, we have included ceramic pots, which come as 2 linked objects together.

We hope you enjoy this release, and in honor of 6 Republic’s Second birthday, we also have a little gift prepared, and its located right in the front of the booth.


Eva’s House Details

Eva’s House • 54 Land Impact.
Eva’s Bed • 11 Land Impact.
Ceramic pots • 2 Land Impact.
Permissions • Copy/Mod.
Available at 6 Republic Second Birthday Event.